About us

   Calladan - Arakis Ltd. was established in 1990. It is one of the first self-initiated copyholder of agricultural land, production and agribusiness.

   Currently, Calladan - Arakis Ltd. handles about 420 ha. agricultural land in the northeastern part of Bulgaria, on the territory of three municipalities of  Silistra. On the leased land we grow traditional technical crops for this area: wheat, sunflower oil, rape seed, pumpkin seed, corn and others. The company is one of the largest processors of non-cultivated and cultivated herbs - rosehip fruit, hawthorn, linden color, horse chestnut, etc. We have 5 logistics bases in Silistra region where we are buying herbs, which we process according to the specification of the final customer in our main manufacturing base in s.Paisievo.

   In early 2008 we put into operation a new modern factory for drying fruits and vegetables in village Paisievo, region Silistra. The drying technology is traditional. We do not use preservatives. We offer dried not pitted prunes, dried apricots, dried apples, dried fruit mix, sun-dried tomatoes. Our fruits and vegetables have extremely good taste.

   The company also has a nursery garden in village Paisievo. We sell certified fruit seedlings - plum varieties: Stenley, "President", "Gross di Felicity", "Asaska", “Green Rein Claude","Chachanska Lepotitsa "," native Chachanska, peaches, apricots, cherries, sour cherries .

  Calladan - Arakis Ltd. produces and process up to 120 tons walnut kernels per year,  up to 10 tons apricot kernel, up to 200 tons of pumpkin seed variety for bakery industry "Lady Nail" and up to 300 tons of sunflower varieties for bakery industry "Stadium", "Favorite" and "Large Ukrainian"
   Caring for nature, Calladan - Arakis Ltd. has introduced a completely waste-free production technology for drying of fruits and vegetables, processing of nuts and herbs and fruit nursery.
Implementing “Program of waste management”, our company is committed to the mission to leave our children a cleaner Bulgaria.


The company is certified by SKAL International / Control Union Certifications as a producer of organic walnuts.


 Our production and storage facilities are located in village Paisievo, Dulovo Municipality, Silistra region. The base is suited for annual storage of 2500 tons of grain, with the possibility of renting. Our company’s working team is built entirely by young and qualified staff capable of performing any volume and urgency orders. Ownership of the company is a full range of agricultural equipment, which perform all kinds of services. The company has three units seed cleaning machines “Petkus - Giant" with a capacity of 17 tons of pumpkin seeds, or 50 tons of wheat per day. We have belts for manual cleaning of produced and traded by us nuts.